I Love Apex

ILove1We had a fabulous time hosting ‘I Love Apex’ as part of Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival on Valentines Day, and we received great coverage on BBC Radio Leicester as well as in the Leicester Mercury.

We were joined by two brilliant comedians who helped us on our quest to challenge attitudes and change preconceptions towards disability, whilst using some side-splitting and risqué humour.

Local poet and comedian Rob Gee performed a hilarious poem about Apex’s and Leicester’s history, giving the audience a tour of our building at the same time.

 Lee Ridley AKA Lost Voice Guy delivered a very funny performance using his Ipad and had the audiences in stitches!

We were very proud that our fantastic event was nominated for Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival ‘Make Me Happy Community Project’ award.

Thanks to those who came and shared their Valentines evening with us, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did here at Apex!

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‘I Love Apex’ by Rob Gee 

I love Apex – It’s like a big friendly hug
It’s given me a structure and it’s helped me come off drugs,
They help you take the knockbacks and they always give damn.
I love Apex – we survived the Work Programme.

 You don’t have to do a course, you can just come on in
We’ll work out a package and build it round your dream
It’s the best foot forward that gets you through the door,
and when you’ve been here once, you’ll be coming back for more.

 I love Apex ‘cause they see the real me,
make a huge difference to the everyday week
They sew a lot of seeds and then protect the stems.
I love Apex – I want to marry all of them.

 I love APEX – it’s given me direction
It’s a big happy mooney in the face of preconception.
It’s the second home that I’ve always needed,
so I won’t give up even when I’ve succeeded.

To see the full poem click here

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