Apex Closure

Apex Closure

Apex reflects on 33 years of service to local people

Based in the heart of Leicester, Apex has delivered support, learning and job services to over 15,000 marginalised people for over 33 years.


Sadly, post a review of services and funding streams, announced in September this year, the Board of Trustees has reluctantly made the decision that there is no alternative but to close the charity.


The priority for Apex during this period has been on supporting both service users and staff; all existing service users have been supported and helped to complete their training, while staff have been actively supported to find new positions.


The Board of Trustees has also ensured that stakeholders, staff and service users have been kept informed and updated during the review process.


The charity is now in the process of returning all unused (specific project related) funds to the respective statutory bodies and trusts. Apex has donated all its equipment to other charities to benefit their service users and the local community.


‘We are immensely proud of Apex’s achievements. Apex has reached out to the most disadvantaged members of our community and offered them long term support,’ said Jo Foster, Chair of Trustees at Apex.


‘This focus on training, support and work experience has been a unique offering and has proven highly effective in securing long term, sustainable futures for many of our valued clients,’ she added.


The charity has focused on supporting; ex-offenders, the homeless, people with mental and physical health difficulties during its long life.


Apex’s Trustees are now actively discussing with potential partner organisations how Apex’s legacy can continue to benefit local people in need.


Should further information be required, enquiries should be sent to cs_apex@outlook.com. The charity will close its operations on 31st December 2015.

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