At Apex Works we change lives

Here are just some of them…

Marvin became homeless due to redundancy which led to the loss of his house. Marvin was desperate to secure employment and accommodation to allow him to be closer to his children and see them regularly. Through the Green Light project, which offers support and guidance to homeless people, Marvin started meeting a specialist adviser from Apex on a regular basis. He had help with his CV and with searching and applying for jobs. Marvin was successful in gaining employment and was offered a supervisory post that was higher than the role he applied for.

Marvin now lives in a property closer to his family and he continues to build his confidence and self esteem. He says, “I am so happy and my kids are really proud of me. I have had the opportunity of a lifetime.”

Said struggled to find employment after coming to the UK, which led to him becoming homeless. Said was desperate for a job but didn’t have any formal qualifications or work experience. The Green Light project gave him hope. Said worked with a specialist adviser on a regular basis who gave him support, guidance, motivation and direction. With the help of Apex, Said was successful in getting a paid job in health and social care.


Said is now excited about moving into a new home and creating a new life for himself. He says, “I now have the chance to help other people and this makes me happy”.

Jyotsna came to Apex for help with looking for work. She suffered depression and low confidence which was the result of having a bad experience in a previous job. Apex discussed career aspirations and choices with Jyotsna and identified that she could develop on some of her skills. She was therefore offered volunteering within Apex to do administrative duties. Through volunteering, Jyotsna’s confidence grew and she was soon applying for customer service and reception jobs. Jyotsna applied and successfully gained a Customer Service job at a Doctors surgery.

Jyotsna says “Apex pointed me in the right direction, they are so helpful and without Apex I would not have got this job”

Nick joined Apex on the Helping Hands programme which helps ex offenders get back into employment. Nick had previously worked as a Mechanic/Knitter in the hosiery industry but as this sector had declined he was at a loose end. Nick had done many courses to try and help him get back into work but was unsuccessful so came to Apex for help. Maneesha a Helping Hands adviser gave Nick career advice, helped him tailor his CV and gave him  advice on how to disclose his offence. With Maneesha’s help Nick has successfully gained employment

You could say I have really landed on my feet, all thanks to the support from Maneesha and the Apex team. I will never forget how much it helped me through a difficult time. Nick, Helping Hands


I was very happy volunteering with Apex Works and would like to thank the staff for all the help and support they gave me towards securing work. I was given an opportunity to attend workshops and felt very much part of the organisation. Thanks to Apex Works, I feel confident enough to go out in a working environment and continue my development.


Bhavna Parmar, volunteer


Chris Neal’s confidence had been knocked after several months of looking for work. He came to Apex unsure of how to find a job and got one to one support from an advisor. Chris was referred onto relevant courses, received help to do a CV and deal with interviews and was successful in getting a job.


Chris says,“The final result is that I am now in employment.  My confidence has improved and this is noticeable in both my work and personal life.”


Ramesh Modha came to Apex feeling that at 57 his age was key to him being out of work for several years.  We helped him improve his skills, gain new qualifications as well as boost his confidence. Intensive job searching and support in interview skills resulted in Ramesh finally getting a job.


Ramesh says, “In these very difficult times and given my age I’m proud to have gained employment and look forward to progressing with my current employer.”

When Alex came to Apex he had been unemployed for 8 years. He had a past of drug addiction and was still battling with alcohol addiction which resulted in him becoming homeless. He suffered from depression and anxiety and his self-esteem and self-belief was shattered. The Green Light project helped Alex to re-build his life. Alex was able to complete an IT course and an English course. He also received help and support from a specialist adviser to create a CV and practise interview skills. The skills Alex developed made him more attractive to potential employers, boosting his confidence and allowing him to see the light at the end of a very dark tunnel.

Alex says: “I am so happy and am continuing to build my future”