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Apex Course Dates 2014-15

Functional Skills EnglishApex_Impact

Price: Free for all (Eligibility criteria applies) If you are interested in improving your communication skills then this course is the most appropriate for you.  You will gain skills in reading, writing and speaking and listening in various situations. The course is designed to give you the confidence and knowledge about dealing with customers and your supervisors in the workplace or social settings.

Functional Skills Maths with Managing Personal Finances

Price: Free (for those on relevant benefits)
This course will help you learn how to use maths in everyday life, such as when you’re cooking, shopping, working out your bills or planning out your garden area. This course will look great on your CV and impress future employers.

Food Safety in Catering

Price: £55 (Free with Functional Skills English or Maths)
This course is ideal if you’d like to get a job working with food in a café, restaurant, catering company or anywhere preparing meals. You will learn all about food safety, what causes food poisoning, how to prevent food poisoning, safe temperatures, cleanliness and disinfection.

Health and Safety and Manual Handling

Price: £55 (Free with Functional Skills English or Maths)
This course is designed to help you understand how to keep yourself and others safe in your work environment. You will learn about hazards and how to control them, risk assessment, legal requirements, welfare facilities, working at heights and noisy environments. This course also teaches you the principles of Manual Handling.

Universal Jobmatch with ICT

Price: Free (for those on relevant benefits)
Universal Jobmatch is an essential part of jobsearch and making sure employers are able to offer you a job opportunity. We help you to set up the account, write your profile, create your CV and support you to enable you to become more confident and able to use the portal.

Functional ICT with Internet Security

Price: Free (for those on relevant benefits)
Do you want to shop online but are not sure about the payment options or how safe it is? Our ICT course is designed to help you understand the ICT basics and make you aware of the advantages and disadvantages of the modern technology.

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