Tammy’s Story

Tammy struggled to find employment due to multiple barriers which prevented her from gaining work. Apex Works offered her a paid job as a Catering Assistant in the Apex Café as part of the Leicester City Council Step-Up scheme which provides six month paid work placements for young people out of work.

Tammy found school difficult due to her learning disability and dropped out with limited qualifications.  Tammy tried looking for work but was not successful and became unemployed for some time. Unemployment affected her confidence and her self belief; she become nervous about leaving her house as it was out of her comfort zone, and could not face travelling into town alone.

Tammy finally gained the confidence to seek support, after being encouraged by her family, and was referred to Apex Enabled. Mentors on the programme supported Tammy with travel training to improve her confidence and independence. She received support for her learning disability and enrolled onto multiple courses at Apex including; English and Maths. Tammy highlighted Catering and Hospitality as an industry she wanted to work in, and completed a Practice Lab placement in the Apex Community Café to gain valuable work experience.

When Tammy was offered the opportunity to apply for a paid Step-Up position in the café, she was both nervous and excited.   Tammy was successful and over 6 months her communication skills vastly improved and she is now happy to speak to anyone without feeling self-conscious. Her Maths course made her feel more confident with using the till and handling money and she was able to competently count the takings at the end of the day.

Tammy plans to start up her own bakery business one day, she says; “Success means having my own business, I like working with people and would love to be my own boss”.

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