Take Your Kids to Work Day!

Take Your Kids to Work Day!


On Wednesday 12th March, we invited two 11 year old visitors from Brookvale High School to take part in ‘Take your kids to work day’. Have a read about their day below:

“We started off the day being stuck in traffic resulting in being 10 minutes late, as Apex is in the centre of Leicester, on Charles Street. When we did arrive, although a bit nervous, we were kindly greeted by the 2 receptionists Michelle and Terri, they told us how Apex works, and that they provide training and support to vulnerable and marginalised people to overcome their barriers and get into work. They also spoke to us about other organisations that rent out space in the building and what they do. They also told us that Apex helps disabled people and people who have a criminal record.


Secondly we sat in an ICT class, the class was fairly basic but effective for people who don’t use ICT much or have never used it before. The teacher of the class was called David, he talked us through the lesson. In the class he taught us about font and how to change the size, style and colour. He also talked about where you could find things like bullet points and how to change where the text is shown.


Soon after we did maths where we met Iram the teacher of the class along with a teaching assistant. We learnt about mean, median and mode- we had already learned about this in school, but it was still hard remembering it all as it was a long time ago. We enjoyed the experience and enjoyed meeting the pupils.


Later on we sat in a meeting between Gaynor the Chief Executive (our Aunt) and Sarah (Head of Fundraising). We were intrigued by this which led us onto having some ideas of our own. We discovered how hard it was for Apex to get money and donations.


Everyone at Apex are role models to the people they help and they are all very generous, supportive and sympathetic.


When we got home we couldn’t stop talking about our day and how much we enjoyed it.”- Roman and Lucca Watson-Quilter.


Thank you for visiting Roman and Lucca, we hope we inspired you to support charities such as ours!

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